Saturday, December 3, 2005

2 Dec 2005 (Friday)

Sports and Wellness was Sucky.

Sharon asked me to play Badminton.
I wanted to say yes..
but I hesitated. and decide to reply with I'm not going.
Simply coz...

  1. I know her bf WILL go.. and I will NOT be happy.
  2. She will NOT be happy coz her bf hates me and gives black face the whole night.
  3. I expect myself to have to go home very LATE.
  4. Might even have to drink with her. if she's unhappy or very happy.
  5. Would have to suffer in silence since my boy wouldn't be going (some stupid dinner).

So I turned down her ofter.. and a better one comes up!
I get to go to a concert!
and my friends got the tix for me. woot~ (though in the end, no need tix to go in one.. lolz..)
Meet up at Tamp interchange, ate a bit...
den off we went for the concert.

(For the moment, I'm just plain lazy to scan it...)

It's great. I love the air-con, it's cold. lolz...
the performances were great. honest.
it's a h*ll LOT better than the one put up by my brothers's BRPS. (RMPS is better. than BRPS.)
Think Band is the best. the rest makes me sleepy.. lolz..

After the whole event, Mandee went back on parent's car.
XY went back by bus at the bus interchange.
We had so much fun laughing that I'm glad I tagged along to the concert! really.
Wilson, ChunHui, Sok Yong and I, went to TMall's Long John to eat.
The guy's treat.

Saw Mike's cousin there..
she was at the concert also.. lolz...

the 2 girls went back on CH's dad's car. Wilson & I took train back...
I has something evil in mind. but didn't carry out my plan. coz it's plain stupid if my partner in crime didn't help out. :(
lolz.. this.. is anotehr story.. I'll tell, another time. :)

Alright.. That's all for yesterday lah. I too tired to blog on le.
blame darling lah.
make me so tired...

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