Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Is doing business really that simple?

I have an ex classmate who regards making money more important than studying.
She rather use the little money that she have as capital then to pay for her school fees.

I have no say in her business (problem/whatever).
I mean, there are people who dropped out of school and achieve lots doing business and stuffs..
But, I do have something I really hate about people who doesn't do enough research and ASSUME things.

BTW, for those who doesn't know. ASSUME is making an ASS out of U & ME.

I understand that entrepreneurship is about sizing the opportunity, taking risk.
However taking risk doesn't mean you have to risk it all mah. You also must have at least some background knowledge + done a bit of "homework" mah.. no?

I remember some old teacher told me when I was young that I'll make a good business women. or maybe an accountant. Cause I too busybody liao.. lolz...

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