Saturday, December 17, 2005

7days to Christmas

1 more week.

and I've already gained so much weight before the feasting begins..
I really want to drop 5kgs within this week.

Tml have Banking exam.
I did really badly in my Accounts.
Got to do a little bit of revising to buck up on my weakest module: BAFS.
Banking and Finance Services.
I want to do well, dun want just pass nia..
you think 1hr enough not? lolz...
only 2 chapter, 10mins, I'm bored like shit liao.

alright lah.. I settle my breakfast den my auctions.. lolz..
Just realised it's empty le.. got to fill it up with things..
den will have extra money to take care of my hair. lolz..

See yah~

Can't wait to see Ting,
Actually I'm not too excited in meeting her.. more with the 1hr badminton session she "promised"... hehe..
maybe got time can look for my shades too... lolz..

If Kyla go also.. den maybe I'll have a little problem.. Can't bounce in front of her with all my fats in the wrong place you know.. lolz..

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