Sunday, December 11, 2005

oops.. my blog idol is losing. :(


Mr Brown: 13269
Xia Xue: 9673

Mr Brown is LEADING by 3596!!!

Please VOTE for XiaXue now!!!

:) Can vote once a day (24hrs) ( :

By the way, I do like Mr Brown's entries..
but I'm not that a regular reader lah.. you see..
Maybe coz I dun understand most of the things he's talking about.. :p

Alright.. enough on the awards...
I'm very tired today..
and well, yeah..
According to my site counter thingy, someone "found" my site from searching
"Singapore's hottest blogger"...

guess what?

Notice the pink box? That's me in there!! lolz...

I have a fear of writing reports and essays.
The most word I can write is about 150words.
and my PIE teacher wants a report of 500-1000 words.
I've really tried le. but I barely can write ten words. :(

I'm not going to hand up anything.
I'm going to fail.
I'm going to repeat it next sem. :(
This sucks. :(

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