Thursday, December 1, 2005

woot! Birthday Month...

So many people celebrating their birthday this month.
How do I save money???

Just now, went to the bank with moi classmates.
Completed the Giro thingy and hand it up le.
a huge load out of my mind.
coz it's $15 leh...
That will help me "tide" over this month's money woes...

Just got a postcard thingy as a friend's Birthday present.. (See? I very cheapo hor? :P)
oh.. and I change my "pouch" le.. the pink plastic one from kotex spoilt le, my coins drop out.. lolz..

Today I received a "news" that make me very erm.. pissed?
My boi boi might be flying off next month!!!
to another country this time: Thailand...

Called him just now to talk for a while..
everytime he goes oversea, half of his pay goes to the damn phone bill.
HALF okay...
It's about 20 times of my own hp bill. mine is about $50.
Why shouldn't I be angry with his boss?
I told my bf to dump off both hps.
I would't mind. really.
If his boss needs him to have a hp. freaking please raise his current monthly pay by at least 50%.

And I feel like slapping those ppl who thinks I'm living off my bf coz he's working.. with my smelly pink socks. ASS.

I feel like crap now.
Stop talking to me.
Fat ass.

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