Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hi everyone! I'm back!!!

I'm back from maple -addictiveness.
and can finally update my poor lonely blog.

with pictures!!!
loads of them..

First of..
How's your Christmas?

I wanna THANK everyone for their kinds words and sweet gifts!!!

The long awaited photos of the...


ain't they pretty??? :)

4 hearts, united as one...

4 of us_

with the president_

yes, I'm mighty smug about being cute.. wahahaha...

With so few people not sick...
I guess it's time to take some Vitamin C...

remember those heels I mentioned that I liked a lot?

Size 4_

uh huh SGD 15.00 only

perfect fit. heh.

the same day, I also went to this shop:

Turn Your Butt On_

What's in the bag?

OMG it's....

Paper bag with Butt On sticker!!! lolz...

behold.. the sweetest thing on butt land...

Turn your Butt On sweets???

Blur photo of darling and me in the rain, in orchard on Christmas eve.

The true uglyfatchick_

Alright.. now today...
27 December 2005.
I met her. Finally.

yes I look silly. photo taken using her phone..
we both wore black. from head to toe. As if we've made a pact to do it.
we didn't.
She loves black. I know.
me, on the other hand, just hope to drop a few pounds...

We went to eat at Yoshinoya...
darling joined us..
We went shopping at cine.. didn't buy anything..
saw our secondary school classmate...
She's so so so pretty. totally gorgeous. *drools*
den we went taka... to get my new under garments for the new year.. lolz...

still the same old paper bag...

They sure do love flowers, don't they?

It's weird what too much beef does to you.. lolz..
I gained so many fats that I got to up a couple of size. it's so toot. cannot wear S liao.. buy things must go for M, L liao. :(
Running anyone??

We left taka for Queensway shopping centre... (bus 14)
that's where her boyfriend works.. in some skates shop..
he's kind of weird weird looking.. reminds me of Bryan.. lolz..
best part.. we had problem deciding to shake hand or not. and it's so toot.

look what I've got from beadstreet...

hair ties, 6 for $1. I bought 12. heh.

that's for today...

taken on a mercs cab.

for $0.20 more, I get to read new issue of EXPAT LIVING..
instead of those old, torn tattered XYZ-weekly magazine...

(ps: doesn't not apply on all cabs though..)

This post took me 3hrs. (coz I had alot of problem with these photos.)

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