Sunday, December 18, 2005

I can be a model too!!!


Yes, someone ask me to be his model..
I was so so so happy can..
Hair stylist joining competition.. ask me to be his model...
So sad loh..
Mummy turn it down.. cause I have school :(

Imagine.. Free colour, free cut, maybe perm or whatever.. and most importantly.. it would be almost perfect! (competition of coz must be perfect mah.. lolz)

and I trust the person's skill lah.. His own hair is already totally gorgeous lolz... and some more, he manage to make my mum want to rebond her hair.. double lolz...
and he's pretty cute lah...
My fringe is he cut one... $3. lolz..


alright.. that's about it bah...
My dream to be a model doesn't seem that far after all..

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