Wednesday, December 7, 2005

I am so NOT a critical thinker & Remember this again?

Did the thinking skill test (exam?) today lah.. and it's so sucky. bleah ;P

Remember this post in October?
Sorry seems to be the hardest words... no?

& this one from August?
I'm a confused pig.

We both have knowingly moved on.
However recently, we've kept little contact.
Not knowing how should I feel. (Friendship)

On her birthday, she sent me a message through the Short Message Service to "give me" her number.
2 days later, which is today
she asked if I wanna meet up next week...

How can I not laugh?
Remember she told me that she never want to see me again.
and suddenly wanting to meet me...
to "rekindle" our friendship...

I dunno to smile or to cry..
I'm not ready yet.
What if she laughs at me?
What if she ask me out just to ridicule me and make me feel dumb.
What if she really has a "motive".

I want to believe that she doesn't have any motive or any funny ideas up her sleeves.
I want to see her.
I want to say Hi.
But I just cannot imagine going out with her now.
lolz... Crap.

If I really am meeting her next week...
I must start sleeping very early now. Make my panda eyes disappear...
and those disgusting stuffs on my face too.

Tell me what should I do?

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