Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday to Xin Ying!!! :)

It's Xin Ying's Birthday today..
reminds me that I miss my classmates already.. :(

Christmas just "ended". and I have already heard so much about it..
Read these comments:
for XX's .

not 1 or 2 girls got molested. it's tons of them!!!
I'm really upset by the numbers.
I pity us.

Sometimes I "blame" God.
Why it's so unfair.
that girls ALWAYS gets bullied.
I understand the fact that life is NEVER fair.
but why are the girls the only ones who keep losing out?

guys will never understand how we feel inside when we've been violated.
whether thru words or actions..
They just do things coz they feel like it.
they think we like it?
bloody shit.

I'm so damn pissed lah.
Tell me stories about guys being "mistreated".
I can show you millions of girls being mistreated.
those fatherfuckers.

one day I might be crazy enough to buy a pair of scissors and go snipping off every dick i see. toot.

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