Monday, December 12, 2005

officially sick.

Today got listening exam. 12marks... duno can pass not. lolz..

Baobei came to school to escort me home..
I so paiseh. :p
Mei, say that he looks like 20yo. look like meh?
thought he look 30yo le.. lolz...
hmm... maybe coz last time we both look younger...

Cute cute club finally took club photo. :)
Those who hang ard J8 often, would notice there's this strawberry shortcake thingy? We took our photos there...
We saw this little boy... so cute loh..
He fall down, but nvr cry.. den when his mummy ask him to come over.. (coz we keep asking him to come over..) he walk over... lolz..
I want to carry him.. but scared make him fall down.. :p
Such a cute little boy. show you the pic next time.. :)

Alright. yesh I'm officially sick today. coz I puked so much.
Darling also scared.. lolz..

I'll update another day..
Btw, what do you all want for Christmas?

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