Saturday, December 24, 2005


I had a wonderful time today with my meis at k-box..
laugh and cry..
& I just got this cute little soft toy from Hui Fen which I wanted to buy for them the other day...
She's not feeling very well... Hope she'll get well soon.. I left when she just shut her eyes.. didn't want to wake her up..

After leaving them , I combed almost the whole town for the shades that I wanted..
Didn't find it... only manage to get a pair of heels that is a perfect fit.. lolz.. It's for CNY. hee...
The girl working there is really very helpful. :)

Darling and me "walked" in the rain today (with the umbrella of coz).. it's our first time doing that.. kind of enjoy it.. and the "dinner" at his aunt's place was not bad.. My favorite? the apples.. lolz..

Thanks everyone who sends me their greetings.. thru sms, in person, card, PRESENTS, msn or even thru my tagboard... I appreciate it alot! THANKS! :)


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