Sunday, December 4, 2005

I maple-ed, watch Chicken little and cry and it's moi granny's birthday.

I play maple.
It's cunningly evil. I told myself not to get hocked. yes I shall not get hocked.
If you can find me.. I'm uglyfatchick . (=

played till 5am. went to sleep.
woke up at ard 10? woke darling..
he came over.
we went to eat at Hans (BM).
steak for me again.. this time, it's more well done then yesterday's at Billy Bombers (Bugis).
It's so so so bloody.. as in like, it's too raw lah..

Went to catch Chicken Little at PS.
I cried from beginning to near the end..
pretty funny I say.
I must be one of the most emo person on earth..
Cried non-stop. *sob*

My eyes are so tired from all that sobbing, tearing and stuffs alike..
After the movie, had a quarrel with baobei...
& what started the fight?
I wanted to have Nachos (with the cheese thingy) for snacks after the movie...
It's wrong to have craving for Nachos with cheese after movie meh? must eat during movie only meh? :(

So I was angry lah.
He was angry that I'm angry lah.
I went home angry.

I slept till ard 7plus..
Uncle called.
Had to rush down to grandma's place with my brothers.
to celebrate her birthday.
She nagged nagged nagged all the way.. (with her loud voice).
I couldn't stand it. My dad too lah...

Now, I'm back at home. typing away...
Going to bathe soon..
before mummy comes home..
She went to the doctors...
hope she's be alright. ):

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