Sunday, July 1, 2007

Don't blame Singaporean girls for liking men from other countries because you are a sissy okay!

my 2cents on defector's post.
I hate those guys wearing their uniform like it's their "going out" attire. Worst is that, they think they look Cool/Hot that way. -.-

no respect at all.

I like guys in uniform because they look like people who are serious and I can trust them. but look at the way some of them dress. can I trust them? are they really good people or are they traitors? Are they fakes or for real?

You represent whatever uniform you're in. Students in their school unifroms represent their school. Police in their uniforms represent the police force.

A lot of students didn't get into their school they choose, so how? anyhow wear uniform to disgrace their school? why? because their daddy also like that what. dun like army, so anyhow wear loh.

Guys like to complain that they dun want to and it's not necessary for them to go for NS and/or reservist.

Then let me ask you. Who is going to protect us?
Peopel from other countries?
Don't blame Singaporean girls for liking men from other countries because you are a sissy okay!

don't be pissed. it's just my 2 cents.


  1. yeah yeah you would never understand what boys/men in sg go through.
    its a pity that you are dating such a man.
    my condolences

  2. Actually, I've seen many people from other country giving up their PR when it is time for them to serve NS. So its not just Singaporeans who don't want to serve NS. I don't blame them. Its just that they don't NS as something important for the survival of the country.

    I think it is neccessary and important for us to serve NS and reservist. If we don't protect SG, nobody will. I don't think we can count on our foreign talents to pick up a rifle and defend SG. They would most likely be on the first flight out of SG when something goes wrong.

    But I just don't agree that image is impt. After all, even though the guy dress sloppy, but he might also be a marksman too. :)

  3. it is more about been different rather than been sloppy. most people do that to indicate that they are different from everyone else

  4. humm.. david.. humm .. of course a girl never understand the things you or I do when we are in our uniform. Regular or NS. Its the same. The mud, the dirt and 3 days of no shower?

    she never post it for the sake of understanding how guys go through their lives in sg.

    Like i say about 50% of Singaporeans goes thru NS.. and this 50% of Singaporeans have the same fair share.. like it or not.. you have to go thru it.

    Instead of bitching about something that you have no choice and make your life miserable.. why not look at the good part of it?

    Like I say if you felt that you deserve to dress like that and look sloopy.. to tell people that you are different.. then don't blame the system when your boss choose others.. and I'll take it all back cause its your standard.

    Ever wonder why bosses have chances to push NS men over using ICTs as all sorts of excuese? Its because even our guys says its a waste of time. What can our bosses think?

    And you can always choose not to serve. By not being a Singaporean. If life as a Singaporean male affects you so much. So you choose to be a Singaporean and you don't like the Singaporean system? Irony.

    DK agree with you totally that image is not that important but at least the minimum should be observed (thats my take). If that gentleman button up his sleeves and at least darken his boots a little I would have zipped up. Because as a two week soldier he done at least the minimum that he should. Respected any NSmen for it if they did it. From the heart.

    If Saturday is an Out process day, out field would have finished at least on Friday. Never on the day itself. So the outfield theory also don't stand. Just an explanation. :)

  5. Defector: You never ganna outfield on out-pro/book out day before? Lucky fellow. Me ganna before. The feeling is worst than the mud on your boots.

  6. I thought Singaporeans andang famous for Kiasuism liao one?