Tuesday, July 10, 2007

random food post.

June 28, Joey gave me 1 Low Fat Chocolate Chunk, 90 Calorie Granola Bar a couple of days back...

I like it.. but after eating, my mouth pain from all that chewing. >.<

4th July, My last cup of noodle at the old pantry. Current office doesn't have pantry yet. :(

Karen's treat. Love her to bits man.. she's always buying us food.

5th July. My lunch sandwich..

It went really well with the free milo.. but now.. no milo to drink already! :(

Karen's treat again..

mini pancakes.. My mouth watering already...

I like peanuts but they drive me nuts with all those pimples on my face. :(

9th July, at the new office... Boss's treat!

10th July, boss treat us chicken rice!
I feel so bad. I don't wanna eat with boss anymore. so paiseh lah. always let her treat...

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