Sunday, July 8, 2007 1st Anniversary Party...

I woke up with a rather bad headache.
When defector came over to pick me up, I didn't want to go to the party.
But he gave me a panadol and I decided to go for the party with the headache.

I look funny. Kinda pale I know..

Had some fries at Burger King before searching for Geek Terminal..

I'm so glad to have made it there!

Defector and I wasn't really early but well, lets just say most Singaporeans tend to arrive late for parties..

Being the shy us, we sat around and wait for the event to get started...
I was so nervous I went to the toilet for a grand total of 3 times. or was it 4 times, darling?

The last trip, I ran out of the toilet because there was a cockroach trying to come out from the drain thingy. I saw the feelers and I think the mouth! eek!!!!!

This was taken on my second trip. :) I know I super zi lian..

So the award giving thingy goes on and yada yada yada.. and then they announce the winners.. Not surprised that defector didn't' get any award... but WHY didn't you guys voted for him???
huh? why why why?

*calm down chicky, calm down~*

So, a birthday party wouldn't be complete without a birthday cake right?
Must thank Arzhou and his 2 beautiful "bodyguards" for the delicious cake. =)

By the way, the girl in front of me is Sheylara! She's so chio in person!
I wanted to take a photo with her, but too shy lah..

I met a number of them and can finally can put faces to the blogs I've read!
Got to met people like ChillyCraps, DK, Daphne, Tstar, Rinaz, Nicole, Hendri, Eastcoastlife, Uzyn, Ntt... so many of them.. I can't name them all.. just look at the photo below.. =)

I dun know why I'm "bending forward" when I'm already so short. -.-'''

Those of you who weren't there, not only did you missed the fun, you missed the goodie bag too! =p

All the stuffs inside.. which reminds me.. I need to save up to get a Apple laptop or desktop as soon as I can! =)

By the way, did anyone of you discover what's wrong with the free Geek Terminal voucher?

No stamp and signature leh! how???

ah.. another thing..
The next time you see me and you feel awkward calling me uglyfatchick, you can call me Chicky.

Hi, I'm Chicky! =)


  1. hey chicky you were pretty shy yesterday!

    (and look a bit different from the bespectacled you)

    dun be shy/worry lah, crabs and other bloggers don't eat chicky one...

  2. Yikies! They didn't sign and stamp on the voucher? OMG

    OK, not to worry. I remember the guys from Geek Terminal taking down the serial number of all the vouchers. I guess it can still be used.

  3. haha... u so shy!! n ure pretty lor :) u're a hawt babe k. u can join our hawt babe gang. hahah!

    :) u dunno my blog? :( ok i shall give my url to u! haha. !! tadah! :) hope to talk to u more nxt time k!!

  4. Hi chicky,
    Thanks for your visits to my blog.

    Sorry I didn't get to talk to you at the party. I heard from the rest that you were very shy. Hope you make many friends. :)

  5. Ah..... thanks for the compliment. :) What's there to be shy about lah? And you're very pretty! I like that photo of you in the toilet, lol.

  6. chillycraps
    How u know I wear specs? hmmm...
    Chicky scared of strangers. esp strange crabs. :P

    hee.. didn't know that you and defector know each other way back.. Small world eh?

    ah.. I couldn't find yours somehow.. Thanks. but I don't think I'm hawt enough..
    Too hawt become roast chicken. :P

    ah.. thanks. =)

    I can't think well when there's too many people ard. Makes me want to hide away. I like toilet lightnings, not too bright. :)

  7. Chicky is definitely a better name compare to U.F.C.

  8. Hello
    ecl is the biggest winner because she gave uyzn $200 for the cake. Uyzn accepted $200 from ecl is a fact. So what did he accept fm veron for best blog of the year?

    uzyn said ecl is a loser after she became the biggest winner. So why is he shielding a bigger loser who only win 2 awards?

    the awards by are for losers? uyzn took back ecl's 4 trophies oredi wat. Who is the meanest and biggest loser in

  9. Nonnie
    yeah. I see that almost everyone's having problem with calling me ufc. :p

  10. erm passerby? your comment got nothing to do with my post wor..