Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love shopping.

Something I can't denied..
When I've got no time to go shopping or when everywhere else is so so so packed, I turn to online shopping!

Recently there are many Singaporeans setting up blogs to sell their stuffs online (BLOGSHOP). I think I should do that too!
Anyway, it's not easy to find some of those blogs unless a friend recommend them or they spam at other people's blogs or spend money on advertising (which is quite unlikely because advertising is costly.)

So where do I find Singapore blogshops to shop at?
I check out BlogShopr whenever I feel the need to shop.
Mainly during the times in the middle of the night when almost all the physical shops are closed, or times where I feel lazy to dress up just to go shopping.. I know. I'm crazy..

What's BlogShopr?
BlogShopr is a site that's tracking the best of Singapore blogshop!

What I think?
You should really check out their shop directory! So many blogshops!!!
I like the simple white and pink template but I do think the site would look much neater if it's changed to 2-column instead of the current 3-column.

PS: I've got news that they are having a lucky draw (gift voucher worth $30) running in August!

This post has been sponsored by tracking the best!


  1. Didn't know they have a site for Blogshop as well.

    Wonder what are they selling there. Maybe I should set up 1 as well. Earn extra cash.

  2. I should start one too. My yahoo auctions keep disappearing. :(

  3. I love online shopping and I have started my own blogshop too. =)