Saturday, July 28, 2007 advertisement - Meet uglyfatchick

I know it's poorly done but I'm so tired plus I don't have photoshop like most of them do and I dun even have Microsoft office now. :(

You may say it's excuses but I don't care cause at least I took time and effort doing good clean fun stuff, not like you who's siting around blog jumping and criticising everyone. bummer.

So what's the meaning behind this ad?
uglyfatchick does the signature "shh" or also known as "please keep it as a secret" look.
Her aim is to curious-fy the viewer, make being pinged seems like a good yummy secret. Generalising that everyone is interested in knowing a secret, she trust that her ad gave new meaning to "let the chick out of the bag".

The person who started this!
Try it out yourself!
How about you trying to create a advertisement to attract more users?

Your advertisement must meet these criteria:
Size: 600 X 450 pixels
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 36, Strong
Font Colour: White
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you?

A logo must always be at the top your picture because you are helping to advertise

If you do not have the picture, you can right click and save image here.


  1. I agree your shhh thingy would perk the viewer's curiousity. Nice one.

  2. Wanna get photoshop at gd price? ;)

  3. Thank you all, but I've no mood to reply any comments at this hour.