Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who needs retreat?

I know I really need one badly. My poor darling defector needs one too!

Where can we(city-people) go for a retreat?

How about a retreat on a 300 acre Tennessee mountain?
Tennessee Mountain Retreat provides beautiful yet reasonably priced accommodations (in a natural environment), for individuals and groups.

Privacy and tranquility, Sugar Hollow has it. Their 300-acre property is a wildlife sanctuary!
If you love small animals (cuddle not eat them) like I do, you will be surprised to see turkey, deer, and many other small animals there.

If I have the chance to go there, I would! For the natural environment of cliffs, rivers, mountains & meadows. You don't get them here in Singapore you know.

Sugar Hollow Retreat provides lodging and meeting facilities for individuals, churches, and businesses. To cater for family vacations and other groups, they offer Tennessee vacation rentals that include private guest houses and an 8 room lodge! If I go with my family, we can each have our own room! cool!

This post has been sponsored by www.sugarhollowretreat.com

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