Thursday, July 26, 2007

Need to exercise!

*plays horror music*
yes, Chicky gained weight!!!!!!!

Telling everyone she wants to lose weight but in the end? Gain weight. -.-
I hate myself. Why I eat so much??? Why I snack so much?? Why? haiz...

I've decided. I need to do some form of exercise soon. Jogging/running would be nice.. Anyone free to go jogging with me tomorrow morning? I need a "starter". If not I'll go on forever about my weight online/offline. 30mins of running would be nice.

I wanna play Badminton too, but my skill is beginner type.. so those pro pro ones can go far far away.. *bleah*

Friends, if you wanna go jogging with me, you can SMS or email or call or leave a comment here or twitter me by 9pm tonight k? Thanks. =)


  1. Aiya... just gain abit of weight no need worry 1 lah.

  2. I gain weight very easily one. guess how much I gained..