Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What made uglyfatchick so happy?

Nah, Defector didn't proposed lah.
Nope, She didn't win 4D / To-To / Lucky draw or anything lah.
Neh, She didn't suddenly grow taller, chioer, sexier or anything like that.. :(

So what made her so happy? :)

She's proud to announce...
Payperpost has credited all her "fees" into her paypal already!
That's a whooping USD$184.85 in 2 months?

Since I started working at Bugis, I've not taken up any payperpost job which means I wouldn't be receiving anymore money from payperpost until I take up more jobs to do (or you can sign up and let me earn some referral fee).

Another reason why she's so happy it's because (the ad at the top right corner of her blog) is working very fine! Before she took a short break, her account only has RM$3.72 now it has grown to RM$8.02!!!

So in summary:

Payperpost: $184.85 (184.85)
Review my blog: $7.50 ($7.50)
Blogsvertise: $84 (47.50)
Adbux: $3.35
Linkgrand: $0.22
Total: $279.92 (239.85)

EmailCashPro: S$0.82

Advertlets: RM$8.02

happy little chicky. =)


  1. Wah.... rich liao.
    Must treat us dinner. :D

  2. I spend the money liao. :P

    The photo of uglyfatchick swimming, didn't come cheap you know.. hahas..