Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I didn't know Dave Moffat is gay! :(

Yes I'm heart-broken but at the same time I hope he's doing alright.
I haven heard much about The Moffats for so so so long.. since they disbanded in I think 2001.

I remember I liked them so much that I made my dad sing with me in some singing competition in school. We came in 2nd or something, I remember we got a fan as the prize. -.-

So why do I like DAVE more?
It's his voice. Very special and makes me melt. totally.

The song daddy sang with me.

Another song I like. In fact I like almost all of their songs.

Honestly where else can you find 4 blood brothers out of which, 3 are triplets, All 4 of them knows how to play music instrument and start their singing carer at the age of 6!

Uglyfatchick hearts Dave Moffat.

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