Sunday, July 8, 2007

moving office.

From today I'll have to report work at level 4 instead of level 17. =(

So last week, Mr Crayon and I took lots of photos at our workplace..

Yes that's the view I get from the pantry!!!

I love the sky...

the clouds...

the buildings..

and more buildings...

and more buildings!!!

and the blue sky again.. =)

This is my favourite vending machine! I get free milo everyday. :P

I'll miss this pantry..

A LOT...

A LOT!!!!

The view, for the last time...

Honestly.. where else can you get such ncie views? haiz...

hee. I'm bored. nothing else to take at the pantry. :P

From the lift lobby... I can see the DHL HOT-AIR ballon!!!

Yes, even the view from the lift lobby is nice! :)

The lift I will no longer have the chance to use.. :(

This last photo taken after a hard day's work...

Mr Crayon and me.


  1. Your ex office definitely make everyone who works in there feel good about the environment.

  2. nonnie
    I wanna go back. :(

    Thanks. =)