Friday, July 6, 2007

just came back from watching diehard4..

at Cathay, and I'm so freaking tired now lah!

bought a book at bugis kino just now... got to start reading it when I'm free.
wait.. Free? when am I free???

After this post, I need to sleep.
When I wake up, I got to edit some photos to post here.. Took loads of photos!
and then I need to edit my yahoo auction stuffs. Yahoo has been giving me problems. a whole chunk of auctions just disappeared. -.-

From 4pm till late, I'll be at party.

Where do I find time?
argh.. whatever, I need to have my beauty sleep now.
Still not sure what I'll be wearing to tml's party..

anyway, nights and ciaos everyone~

PS: Crayon, if you see this. please contact me asap.. I want my photo! :P You forget to send it to me!!! Bleahx.

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