Tuesday, July 31, 2007

21-22July07 (the celebration)

Defector and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary 1 week earlier because he's busy on our week.
Remembered I said that I was going to spend my first "online paycheck" on our celebration?

We were supposed to bring our cameras to take photos but somehow someone didn't even remember to bring his camera phone out.

Anyway, the photos here are all taken using my Sony k750i phone's camera. So here are some random photos taken for our 3rd anniversary celebration..

I booked a room at Raffles the plaza. Paid $250 (out of which, $200 came out of our online-paycheck).

The room's kinda small, nothing much interesting except for the Boss radio thingy and the "mini swimming pool".

What's a "birthday" without a cake?

I bought 2 piece of cake. and it's not really nice. :(

oh well, it's better than nothing right?

For lunch or was it dinner? We walked to this Japanese restaurant at Bugis to eat.

yippee.. coke. =)

I don't like that place. Not only did we meet irritating customers, I also didn't like my food at all. :(

This is what I had and it's not nice lah.

This is what defector had, I know he dislike the cold tofu's sesame sauce.

Time pass-by super fast whenever I'm with him, all I remember was we walked to Cathay to catch the Harry Porter movie. Then we walked back to catch some sleep and the next day was here. :(

We had breakfast at Long John Silver because I had craving for something that they have..

Nope, not the toast.

Nope, it's not the tea or coffee either...

Yes, it's their Clam Chowder that I craved.

After breakfast, we went back to pack up and then it's time to head home..

Last photo. I wish all these didn't have to end.
I love staying there. It's small but it's near everywhere.
I could walk to Bugis, walk to city-link mall, walk to esplanade, walk to Cathay. lols.
Maybe year end, when I save enough money to stay there again..

Thank you to those who wished us.
We love you. =)


  1. congrats babe.
    may you two say long and happy always.

  2. congrats you both!!wish you both forever love and happy!!!

    hee.so when the wedding day?

  3. Kyla
    *stay you mean? hahas..
    Thanks babe. =)

    When I grow up. :p