Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fire Ants

Ever heard of fire ants?

I think I've heard of them. but then again I'll have trouble trying to identify one. I hate insects. They are like ewww...
Need help in identifying them? Check out How to Identify Fire Ants. is a web site that provides advice on what to do to get rid of a fire ant infestation! provides many ways to Kill Fire Ants. (eg Bait Treatments & natural fire ant control.)

My favourite is The Bait treatment.

Worker ants dragged these baits as food source into the nest. No, it's not like an insecticide that's used to poison the colony, it's something that works slowly by affecting the queen’s reproductive ability.

Yes, it kills off a colony by preventing the queen from laying eggs!
So there will still be workers ants running around, but since no new ants will be born to replenish the population. Eventually all the ants dies off from natural causes or from their own short life span! Cool right?

I like the Bait treatment also because it's more eco friendly (as compared to using those sprayed pesticides.)

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