Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can't hold it anymore..

I really hope my boss doesn't read my blog, cause if she sees this, I'm so dead!
I know I shouldn't blog it out but I can't hold it any longer.

Working makes me fat!!!

I've gained weight and I've a double chin, and I think I'm so fat that I caused my school skirt to split!

I've been eating non-stop since I moved into the new office. I took lots of photos of what I eat and then I stopped because I simply eat too much!! Everyday, I spend at least 2hours of my pay on lunch and snacks. I feel so crazy. Cause I spend all my money on cabs and food, I have no money left for me to save! don't even have to say buy things for myself. :(

Then on weekends I spend my poor hubby's money, now he has "overspent" too much. I feel so guilty. but what to do, I just can't stop munching. I think I'm stressed! how? how?

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