Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've got a facebook account..

yes, I'm so outdated. but whatever lah. I spend the whole morning uploading the photos into my account. I'm so happy seeing those photos lah.. I miss my friends. so so so so so much... Sha Xiao Mei, I just realised I have so so so so many photos of you. lols.

I suddenly have the urge to play computer games. I don't know why. but my itchy hands go and delete maplestory and now I can't download it because my Internet connection sucks. and it'll take 2days to download loh.. I'm feeling crappy because I'm supposed to go running today but I'm slacking away at home doing up my facebook acount. -.-

OMG it's 12pm already.

By the way, those who have facebook must add me ok? search for uglyfatchick.
I'm the only uglyfatchick. =)