Thursday, August 9, 2007

I spend quite a lot of time on the Internet. I make new friends, check out pretty girls (who says girls can't check out other girls?), chat with friends, blog, read other people's blog and even earn some money online.

Sometimes what I currently have is not enough and I'm constantly finding good stuffs to read/see online. When I do find good stuffs I share them with my friends through my blog. And sometimes you read boring post on my blog because I've failed to find any interesting sites/photos/articles to blog about.

Just moments ago, I found a site that has a pretty cute name.
It's called

What's in this site is even cuter than it's name.
It's a site where I can go, to read/find interesting news, websites and other links that's personalized to my unique and special individual taste.

Yes, I love personalized news.

How many times have you been to one of those website which has a compilation of blogs or interesting websites and you find more than half of them totally not what you like? Or you feel that you're paying money to buy newspaper to read boring news?

Then you must check out this website! is pretty cool because you can let them know if you like or dislike a story and you can also improve the story! cool right? All you need to do is to press "edit" and viola, you can edit the story! I also like the function that allows me to send interesting articles/links to my friends. I'm so loving it.

Plus, they have just added a ThoofRank Badge and I think it's pretty neat.

Alright I got to stop rambling so much. Remember to check out

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  1. interesting site...thanks fer sharing

    PS: ya...who says gals can't check out gals...but wat abt guys checking out guys...