Monday, August 27, 2007

Defector's buddy.

Defector's quite affected by his buddy's fall.

I'm not really close to that guy but seeing how affected Defector is, I feel really sad too.
Knowing that he cried, I felt like crying too.
I'm still in shock that a young life is lost just like that.

When I got to know that his buddy died I thought it's the other guy who had heart attack while running and is still in the hospital. When I know it's a different guy I really didn't know how to feel.

I like running and I plan to run in a marathon end of the year. not much probably only 10KM.
Anyway that's not the point. The point is, I've never thought running could be dangerous, minus running next to moving traffic, small tiny paves and slippery paves.

Life is so fragile. I'm so worried I would just go off without telling those whom I love, that I love them. So if you're reading this..

tell my parent I really love them. No matter how bad a child I've been, how many times I argue with my dad over different point of views, how much they fight, I still love them.

tell my brothers that I love them all the same.

tell my friends, my readers, my ex-classmates, my ex-schoolmates, my Kor, my sisters, my workmates, I really appreciate their presence.

tell my boyfriend, defector, that without me nagging at him, he must live well and take good care of himself. He's such a baby sometimes. Tell him not to miss me too much when I'm gone but do remember the sweet sweet me once in a while. I Love him.

This moment, I just want to hug my baobei and tell him, if one day I have to go, please cry for me. Just for 1 day, cry all you want, but after that day please be brave and I want you not to cry ever again.

*hugs with tears*


  1. I recalled back in 94, one guy from the same formation died from a tank overturn mishap. We don't even know the guy, but I knew some of us cried too seeing how heart broken his mother was.

  2. It just so sad to think about death, especially when it comes to the dearest people in our lives.

  3. its somehw let ppl know hw impt havin a healthy life is.. even if u had alway been healthy..but still b4 any major physical activity hav to ensure tt u r in gd condition to run.. lk havin enf slp.. even minor sickness can b deadly when u push urself over e limit..