Thursday, August 2, 2007

Super Overdue Post: Dinner at Hajah Maimunah on 9 July 2007

Those who read about the dinner from forum, here's my post.
Yes, like finally. :P

After seeing the people from at The Party, I've decided that I want to meet up with them again..

The chance came when Rinaz asked us out for dinner! =)

My first time at Hajah Maimunah.

Look, yummy food!!! Maybe I was a little shy or maybe it's too dark, or maybe there's too much spicy food, I don't remember eating much that night. :p

Look, it's the happy people from! =)

argh... I'm hungry already. :(

Rinaz was the first to leave because she had to rush for her lessons.
Poor girl, she was so tired that she dropped her vespa (and frightened me.)
The rest went to her rescue while I sat at the tables not knowing what I can do.

After Rinaz left, and CJ finished his dinner (he was busy serving everyone), we decide to go somewhere to waste time talk cock chill. We walked round and round before settling for Blue Jazz cafe (Is that the name? I forget already. :p).

Surprisingly the drinks are not that expensive. I had mango smoothie ($2.50 for quite a big glass) and it's nice. I like it. =)

(DK the big bully, Arzhou the baker, CJ, Uglyfatchick, Daphne, Sylvia, Nicole & Hendri.)

CJ thought I am from other country but I'm a true Singapore auntie leh. How can he not know? lols the famous uglyfatchick wor. :P Then again, I've Malaysian blood, my mum was Malaysian, rumour has it that if my mum didn't manage to marry my dad, I could have been born a Malaysian. ah-ha. So I am a could-have-been. *laughs to self* :P

Because these pretty photos are taken by others, I decide to "watermark" the pictures with instead of =)

Alright I got to rush off. I'm late for work le!!!
I'll try to blog about the gathering at miss clarity soon.
*hugs everyone*


  1. Wah i think this is the only post related to the outing... with pictures even!

  2. WAH. Almost 1 month already leh.

  3. Arzhou all the photos taken either from dk or the forum... hee..

    dk See. BIG BULLY!!! :p

  4. Where got??? *Innocent look*