Saturday, August 4, 2007 gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe (28/07/07)

Guess most of you have already blogged or read other pingers post on the gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe. Anyway, here's my 1-week-late post. :p

With 20 people at the gathering, I really didn't want to go. I put my name under tentitive list after a long consideration. And that big bully put our name under the confirmed list beacuse he made me promise to go if he goes. -.-
(If you look at that forum post carefully you'll know who I'm talking about.)

So I was on my way out, when I recieved a call on my handphone.
It's mummy. She asked me to settle some house stuffs before I go out. That made me late for the meeting.

I took a cab down to Bugis. The uncle doesn't know where's Purvis street, so I made him drop me at bugis shopping centre. Decide to walk to Ms Clarity Cafe even though I'm not very sure where it is. All I know is that it's near THE Library, so I walk towards the library.

Walk walk walk...

Ah ha! Found the library!

Walk walk walk somemore..

North Bridge Road.

and here I am at PURVIS St!

Now looking for the place.. heard it's pink, shouldn't be difficult to find it in places like this..

Ta-da~ Miss Clarity Cafe.

OMG it's really really pink! and look that those hearts!!! So pretty!!!

When I walked in, I see a huge group of people. All talking amoung themselves.
Regconised ChillyCraps, Arzhou, nannywen, sheylara and I just grab a chair and sat down.
What? It's empty and I don't wanna stand for too long you know..

Only when I see more familar faces eg (DK, Daphne) then I changed seats. :P
Moved from 1 end of the table to another end. hees.

Then DK decide to move away and let me sit next to Snowbiscuits because it's near the center.

I just sat there, looking at the menu over and over, not knowing what should I order. Had a lime juice ($1.00). Wanted to have lunch but when I saw the dry fried chicky on Daphne's plate. I dont' think I wanna try it.

Sat there listening to all of their talks. Almost everyone of them is either..
a) In University
b) Graduate from University

Felt super "loser-ish". I'm not even in poly lor!!!

With everyone talking about their school stuffs, I suddenly felt like I'm from another world. Like an alien. Since I have nothing much to say, I stick to drinking water.
After a few glasses, I had to visit the washroom.

Toilet there>>>

Outside the washroom. They put the mirror so high up I can't even see my face. :(

The mirror inside the toilet also! *pout-lips*

So we hang around for a while more before Daphne decides to call for the bill, we all paid our shares and we had to go.

Took their business card before leaving.

With most of them leaving for other stuffs, the rest of us had to find another place to chill.

Rinaz (with her brother) "dropped by". together with Arzhou, DK, Ridz, Snowbiscuits and Uzyn, we head down to Shaw ???
To watch <>.
But they don't show it there. -.-'''

oops. blurry view of the building.

What's this place call again?

So we settle down at some coffee place, I ordered a muffin and a drink. With food, I'm a happy chick once again. The problem with drinks, they make me visit the toilet so many times lah.

At one time, I saw this sign near the basin/sink.

The funny thing is, I thought we're supposed to throw used toilet papers into the toilet bowl and flush them away? Weird..

Not sure what happened but suddenly Rinaz and Dk were flashing at each other.
With their camera/camera phone of cause.

Then filming everyone comes a hot thing and well, I took my phone out and video them too. hahas.

Ntt arrived at around 6-ish and we decide to go ZamZam to eat.

I like the prata-thing with meat inside. But have to wait to get a table though.
After the nice food, the guys went to get their caffeine fix.
Uglyfatchick no likes coffee, so she goes home. =)

I'm sorry that I'm lazy and didn't list everyone out. Don't angry k.. :P

Some interesting stuffs people said to me.
Mr Y : I thought you were XX. You look like her (minus all the photoshop).
Mr Z : You sat at the other end, and I thought someone brought along his/her daughter.

Maybe I should change my style a little. Then my blog will become NSFW!


  1. being in uni/poly doesnt really make u a smart person. haha. anyway i think u're pretty smart. so. yeah. anyways u're stil young, u can work ur way there.

    glad to finally see this post surface. haha. n glad to be the first (i hope) to comment ho ho ho. cant wait to meet up again :)

  2. Big bully? Who? How dares he bully you? Tell me who. I help you wack that person.

  3. hey i didn't see the drawing on the wall! so pretty...
    yar, tell dk who was it who bully you, i'm sure he'll whack that person =P

  4. lol, the 2nd gathering was held at miss clarity cafe too :)

  5. I wonder who so smart put the mirror up like that....

    Are those or giants?

  6. Daphne I don't think I'm stupid either, maybe just a little abnormal.

    Dk I scared you kill him. better not.

    Tstar It's too dangerous! Later get Dk into trouble how? =P

    Frozenmama yah. I remember. The one I didn't attend. :p I thought it's the 3rd gathering?

    Not their fault. I am too short. really.

  7. guess no chance watch Jay' Secret in cinema.. but will still fd way to watch it XD same w/ harry potter gona buy e dvd when it out