Friday, August 10, 2007

大男人小女孩 (with Chicky's translation below)

The lyrics is quite simple and it's actually talking about a common problem in most BGR. I like it.

不是我的错 我们都听过
完美的时候 要更多
吵架时又说 的太多

只想和你一 样沉默
不想当那罗罗 嗦嗦

也许大男人 真的很难忍
少了点风度 还是不承认
有时候错的并不知道错了 不想借口 只是直接 一点说
有时候女孩 没那么小孩
心里的无奈 只需要点关怀

"It's not my fault", We've all heard this before .
When it's perfect, we want more.
When we fight, we argue too much.

Sometimes, I just want to be quiet like you.
Don't want to be the naggy naggy one.
Like a (angry)fire that no water can extinguish.

Maybe it's really difficult to bare with (your) male chauvinism.
You'll never admit when you're not gentleman enough.
Sometimes when you are in the wrong, and you don't even know it.
You don't even think of an excuse, and your "truthfulness" hurts me.

Sometimes the little girl (me) is not that immature.
Her heart is confused and all she needs is a little bit of "care".
Regrets that even being cared for, feels like it has become a task you're forced to do.

How can we start over?