Sunday, August 12, 2007

DK on someone's pants.

I spotted DK on someone's pants!

Somemore it's in the MRT!

I rubbed my eyes and even pinched my face to check if I was dreaming..
but it's really DK leh!!!

I almost wanted to go confront the man. But then I lag the balls and end up just taking a photo using my handphone camera, and then hide away in the crowd..

Don't' believe me?



  1. Oh, don't you know that I'm coming out with my own line of merchandise? Shirt, pants, tie, socks etc etc....

    Available in all leading departmental stores. :)

  2. Lol!

    so does that mean we could get 90% discount for DK's product? =P

  3. Xinyun: We have a promo now. When paying for the DK products, just put your head on the cashier counter like what I did on my avatar and you'll get 90% discount. (Or a free ride to IMH) :D

  4. Rinaz, uh?

    DK, you didn't advertise thru my blog, I don't know wor...

    Xinyun, I thought it's free for members? :p