Monday, August 13, 2007

Have you watched SECRET yet?

I've watched twice in cinema already! What are you waiting for?

So this is the overdue post on the secret tea dance held at St James powerhouse's Dragonfly. Yes, I get to see Jay Chou for the 3rd time. =)

1) After his concert, in the van at Geylang area?
2) Red carpet & gala premiere for Initial D at Lido?
3) Tea Dance at Dragonfly!

Those who followed my twitter would know that I was late because I went back to school to take my cert, and then last min decide to go see if I can "catch a glimpse of him.

I must be super lucky, cause he was even later than I am!

Because I was late, I was standing all the way at the back.

and I hate myself because I only have a lousy camera phone.

Even though I'm almost all the way at the back, I still could see many many many glimpses of Jay. In fact I can only see Jay's face from where I'm standing. All the while he was just standing there looking at all of us. I thought I melted. Anyways, I am a happy chick. It's a pity I didn't get to play game with him or get that special phone call from him or get the poster with their signatures. But what to do. It's already good enough that I get to see Jay again.

I had 2 passes and I only gave 1 to them so that I can keep 1 for memory sake. and also the free drink pass. I just can't bare to exchange for a drink no matter how thirsty I was.

makes me wanna get a tattoo.. =)

Anyway those who haven watch Secret. must make time to go catch it.
If you've watched and there's anything that you don't understand, ask me.
I'll try my best to explain. =)

and yes I don't mind going to catch it again. If you don't wanna go alone, has no one to go with, you can ask me. =)