Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hans at Far East Plaza

Need new heels for work. Spoilt my mum's :P

So Defector and I was out, shoe hunting last Saturday.
Went to 3 malls, at least 10 shoe shops and tried a good 30 pairs of shoes.
Nothing fits! :(

I was so upset, defector thought I was going to cry.
So he treats me to dinner.

Since we're at FEP we decided to "re-fuel" at Hans Far East Plaza.

So here goes my review..

Service staff: What services? Pushing/dragging the chairs, gives customers "black face" aka the attitude look. If they were some kids maybe I could understand but they are aunties that looks like they are going to scold us if we were to ask her anything at all.
Service staffs looks very unwilling to serve: 3/10

Food: If they serve food as good as Hans at Bukit Merah, I could try to bare with their "I-hate-you-don't-you-dare-come-near-me" look. But from the menu, I ordered a couple of items, all of them were either "sold out" or they "don't have". (eg congee, mango smoothie, wholemeal bread for my ham sandwich.)

I end up having strawberry smoothie and a plain bread ham sandwich.

My food is pretty average to me but Defector seems to enjoy his beef noodle a lot. Maybe I did order the "wrong food".
People has different taste buds, maybe I'm a little more picky. So 7/10 since Defector likes his noodle.

Overall: I cannot stand the air-con, I think it's spoilt. One moment it's too cold, the next it's so freaking warm! and the place is so messy and quite poorly lit too.
Room for improvement. 6/10.


  1. So nice your defector.
    No shoe but at least plenty of sayang from him mah~