Friday, August 31, 2007 no longer lags!

YES I finally "solved" the lagging problem!
It used to lag my comp so much that whenever I "open" my blog, I can't touch my comp for at least 5mins. It's madness I tell you. At first no one complained, so I thought it's just my blog and my comp.

I tried to post less photos but it didn't work. I tried to reduce the number of post shown on the main page, it didn't work. Even the permalink page also lagging. Something muct be wrong and I'm determined to find out.

Then when Defector complained about the lag, I thought I had too much ads at the side.
But when Defector had those ads too, his site wasn't laggy. Then, I knew.. I must find the source!

I suspected 1 item from my list of stuffs and I remove it this morning. Since I removed it, my blog is back to how it used to be again! I'm a super happy chick! =) is "born-ed" again. =)


  1. Yeap... no more lag.

    So what was it?

  2. that bloggerchicks thingy. Lags like hell. now it's much better.. right? Right??