Monday, December 1, 2008

JS's Chalet Gathering November 2008 (Part 1: My set of photos)

Wanted to post everyone's photos in the same post, but too many liao, so I'm just going to post photos from my camera first! :)

In this photo you can see a couple zilian-ing, a old uncle looking at don't know what and a boyboy looking at them. :p

Ferris Wheel & Me.

Ferris Wheel & the Sha JieMeis..

Mandy and XinYing.

Nut Case.

Mandy, Me & Xinying.

Us posing outside the toilet. -.-

Sha JieMeis. :)

NutCase + Sha JieMeis. :)

Trying to use my "camwhore skill". lols. End up I look the chubby-est!!! argh!!! :'(

JS's 21st Birthday Cake. :)

JS & his birthday cake. :)

Sha JieMeis made popcorn! But it doesn't taste nice leh. :(
I rather buy GV de popcorn. :p

Group photos before the other 3 rush home..
Please ignore my chubby cheeks! :'(


  1. Huh? Posing for photo outside toilet?


  2. hahas. Coz we were using self timer and that seems the best place to take photo. :p

  3. OMG. You know NUTCASE !
    Im so so so surprised !

  4. Be afraid.. be very afraid... muahahaha..