Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1 day MC, 7 Med, $34.

Went back to work for the past 2 days even though I wasn't feeling well.
Finally went to see the doctor after rushing some work till 9pm. --> I think I'm mad.
So many med to eat!!! :(

I am going to have some much needed rest.
Will update again later. :)


  1. take care and rest well..
    hope you will get well soon~~

  2. $34 is cheap for a consultation + 7 meds. Wish the clinics at my place charge as cheap :(

    Get well soon babe!

  3. wenn: Thanks. I'm feeling a bit better le. Will rest more till I'm all better. :)

    mi-c: Cheap ah? Maybe cause I still think I'm a kid. :p