Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Unboxing Defector's Mi Adidas Shoes

*In case you've missed last month's Unboxing of uglyfatchick's Mi Adidas Shoes, click here.

Hubby is taking far too long to post his entry.
By the time he post, maybe his shoes are like worn out le loh. -.-
So here I am, being the less lazy one, I'll blog about it first. lalalala~

Photos in this post taken by hubby.
All editing done by yours truly.

Details of his shoes.

Free shoebag. hahas.

Red and very fierce arh! :p

Poor editing done by me cause I was trying to blur away the messy background. -.-

That's it. End of show.

So who's Mi Adidas shoe nicer?
Uglyfatchick's or Defector's?


  1. I think his shoes nicer.

    **Run before UFC wack me**

  2. Chase after dk with hockey stick on hand! ROAR!

  3. I too have a pair of similar designed Adidas shoes.

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