Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday K lunch at Ehub (10 Oct)

Woke up early so that I can meet them to go Kbox on Friday.
Just 4 of us. Ber, Ber's boy, JS & Me.

The room is rather big and it's very very very cold!
Silly me, left my jacket in the chalet room. -.-''

Total damage in the 3hours, $13.50 each which includes 1 drink and 1 "lunchbox".
We ordered different food, so I took photos of our food. :)

Sha Xiao Mei's Lunch. Salmon.

Francis's Lunch. Terriyaki Chicken.

JS's Lunch. Mixed Fried.

My Lunch. Chicken Wings.

It's actually one of the better klunch I've tried.
Great! Now I'm hungry again lah. :(

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