Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unboxing of Defector's iPod Touch.

I miss my hubby. Have not really spoken to him for a few days & nights liao. :(
Everyday also only 2-3 short messages to “报平安” nia.

Anyway, today's post is on unboxing of Defector's Christmas Present from me. Muahaha..
He's like a little boy when it comes to new gadgets loh.

Ask him to pose, he pose like that. -.-''

Look at this beau-ti-ful girlthing.

I'm so sure it winked at me!

Wooo... Free Mirror! I LIKE! :p

Know what's in this white packet?

Hubby taking it out..
It's all those wired wired stuffs!

Here's everything, not including the box. :)

Don't know what he did but hubby go and use my house internet to surf net on his ipod touch!

See? My BLOG leh! :p

Now I'm still contemplating if I should open up my ipod touch anot leh.
Anyone want to buy brand new in box 8GB ipod touch at SGD350?


  1. So you going to be iPod widow from now eh?

  2. that is like the outdated iPod touch model.

    The new iPod touches comes with more features and 8GB brand new only $388 from shops if I'm not wrong!

  3. Young Werther: What's an ipod widow?

    Weikiat.NET: I never said it's the new version wor.. And yes I know it's currently selling at $388. The price just dropped recently but who cares? It's freaking free!! lalalala~

  4. Is the ipod touch the new version?

    Anyway! I realised my Uni friend knows ure Mike lah! Hahaha. Cos he was from OCS. I realised it when I saw Mike's photo in his... erm... Commissioning booklet or something like that.

  5. oh. anwsered on your tagboard. hahas. Singapore is a really small country. :p Is the photo on facebook or something I wanna see leh and laugh at his chubby face. :p

  6. wei wei wei.. my chubby face you mean? joanne maybe get your friend to contact me on face book? haha

  7. ehh. Its joeann. Heh.

    anyway, his name is erm.. I think better not say here. add me on msn! my msn add is in my blog.