Thursday, October 9, 2008

Will you miss me?

Dear all,
Thank you for visiting chicky's blog.
Chicky will be away for a couple of days. (:

If you miss her, you must let her know mah.
If you miss her just a winy tiny bit, leave a comment here.
If you miss her but don't want the whole world to know, email/sms her.
If you miss her a lot, call her.
If you think you don't miss her, then why are you reading her blog ah? lalala.. :p

oh shit. I got to go pack and go rest! no time!!!


  1. Holiday? Where to?

    Have a good one anyway!

  2. I MISS YOU!
    although im just a passerby, but i came to yur blog almost everyday!
    yur blog is interesting, i like it. hahas

  3. uzyn: nah. went chalet only lah. :p

    passerby: Thanks! :)