Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chicky hearts L (Death Note)

Went to Sha Xiao Mei's chalet on Friday Morning. Yet to receive those photos. Some with my ITE classmates & some with the birthday girl herself loh.

One thing I must mention before I go bathe, I like L! ❤

CUTE!!! and Funny. :)

All thanks to Ah Ber lah. During my stay at the chalet, I caught 3 movies which I've not watched at the cinema cause I think it's a horror movie and I don't like to watch scary shows.

1. Death Note

2. Death Note 2 : The Last Name

3. L Change The World.

I personally prefer L Change The World then followed by Death Note 2: The Last Name.
ooo.. I'm a happy girl. :)

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