Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rants on Work & Singapore Post.

**This is a super ranting post.

I've lost 2 packages within a week! 1 sent out on 2nd Oct the other one around 6 days later. Damn shitty lah.

Why I didn't choose registered post? Cause all cheap cheap de items loh. Eg. MGL Denim Shorts at $14 mail and Ruby Pink Glasses at $6 mailed. Of cause I cannot blame the blogshop owners totally loh. Cause they not responsible for my lost since I choose the stupid normal mail mah.

*fuming mad with myself*

& so my wishlist just got longer. lalalala~

Things have not been going smoothly at work!
Another 2 staffs are leaving which means I cannot take anymore leave till my boss brings in and trains more new staffs. The worst news is that the other girl who's not leaving is taking leave on the days I wanna take leave for her wedding! argh!!! :(

Sianz like don't know what seh.
Now I can only hope that I fall sick during that day then I can go see doctor and get mc. -.-

It's like why everybody leave before I leave sia? For the pass 6 months I've always prepare their cheques on time leh. They leave so early, bully me. :( May jiejie left, then Lyne left, then now another 2 leaving very soon. My company very small only leh. Only 4-5 staffs also got so many ppl leave. Damn suay lah.

Then the girl who's not leaving is getting married on the day I wanted to take leave. Shitty right? Suay until I don't know like what now. :(

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