Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicky is unhappy lah.

I'm busy teaching the new girl while trying to settle whatever issues that I get. It's crazy!!!
At the end of the day, I just want to rest and do stuffs that doesn't require me to think or talk.

Waiting for my refund from the spree handler. A lot of items are OOS. :( Esp my favourite Pink checked Boots! :( I don't mind paying more since it's really hard to find in stores. In fact I've never seen anything like that! Supposed to collect the rest of the stuffs later but the girl just mentioned that she woke up late, so we'll have to find another time to meet up! :( Paid 14 Sept, now it's already 30th Oct and I've yet to get the refunds & items. I'm so unhappy lah.

Chicky is unhappy lah! :(

And chicky has a few hundreds of photo but no time to edit. :(
and chicky has so many items selling so cheap in her blogshop and no one is buying. :(
and chicky have yet to get her pay because of some obvious reason. :(
and chicky's throat is giving her problems because she doesn't have time to drink enough water.
and chicky thinks she's growing fatter, faster then you can say "chip". :(

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