Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Support Chicky.

The other day I counted the cents in my piggy bank.
Wished I had more to count. :(

Since I've found a job, I've been trying to save some money to study.
It's really tough when you have to pay for transport, phone bill, internet bill and those miscellaneous stuffs which eats up a huge chunk of your money and you don't know where it went. :p

I just started packing my cupboard and realised I really have too many stuffs I don't use. -.-''
So, I've opened a blog to put up some stuffs for sale.
And all proceeds will go into CSF (Chicky Study/Shopping/Survival Fund).
Check out: Link.

Thanks! :)


  1. sounds like kfc chicky meal leh

    how you feeling man, er i need your help with profit and loss account. in case im missing out some stuff. and also markup% etc la.


  2. i return a lot of my studies to teacher liao den you ask me. -.-