Monday, October 6, 2008

No money, bad mood.

Went down to pay my course fees yesterday.
Borrowed some money from mum.
Don't know what to do without her.
Then again, I can always don't study this year and diedie also try to get myself into poly next year.. argh. duno lah. really scared I can't get into poly again. :(

I'm in this stupid mood because of some online spreeing stuffs loh.
I've invested about 3-4 hundreds on some goods which I'm supposed to get about 1 week ago but I've yet to get them due to lots of delay by the seller loh. :( Wanted to open my blogshop last week, now she tells me I've to wait another 2-3 weeks or even more! I only wanted to earn 20%, now I'm afraid I've got no time to manage the shop and have to sell at cost to quickly get back my money liao. freaking upset and irritated. :(

Anyway, anyone interested in getting a brand new in box 8GB iPod Touch at SGD350.00?

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