Tuesday, October 28, 2008

9th Pack of Free Samples Review (Best Kit of 08)

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I actually requested for this pack to come in as registered mail cause I don't want to miss getting the "sample kit of the year". :p Alright I lied, I checked out using registered mail because I wanted to check if they would take a lot longer to reach me. Guess what? It's almost the same timing! :) I love it that they send those samples out within 1-2days so we get our free samples within a week. :)

Title: Listerine Mint Mouth Wash (Bright & Clean)
Rated: 4/5
Like: It works.
Dislike: Spicy!! & dry mouth.
Main Review: I am forced to use mouth wash because of my tooth all decaying and all going to drop out if I don't clean them well. Laugh all you want, but that's the SAD truth. I'm in this love-hate relationship with this mouthwash. It's really spicy and that's how I know it works but then it's so hot that I tear after 5-10secs of rinsing. :( And after rinsing my mouth feel very dry. :( but I'll still use it because it works. :p
Will I Buy It: Yes

Title: Neutrogena Radiance Sampler Kit
Rated: 4/5
Like: No stinging feeling, light scent & skin feels pampered.
Dislike: Cleanser has milk smell?
Main Review: As of now, this is the sample kit of the year!! I know you're probably still laughing at my cleanser has milk smell comment. Yes, I'm one of those irritating overly sensitive people. lalala~ But don't get me wrong, I love the cleanser. Even though it has a milk smell and doesn't foam as much as my usual cleanser, my face actually feels clean minus the dry feeling! The toner doesn't stings my face and I also like that it smells alright to me. :) The best item has to go to the mask! I left the mask on for 15mins and took it off before I sleep; I woke up next day with a glow on my face. :) Will check this product out and if it's not too far away from my budget, I'll definitely buy it! :)
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation
Rated: 2/5
Like: SPF
Dislike: Coverage soso and my face a bit oily after 4hrs
Main Review: Like what some have already said, it's quite a normal 2way powder foundation. Coverage is so-so, I use it on top of bb cream. Tone wise, it'll be good if they let people choose the shade that's suitable for their skin tone. But it'll be more expensive to manufacture I think. :p Just 4 hours after application, my nose has started to get a tiny bit oily. The sample size is good to bring out for touch-ups when you've only got a tiny bag to squeeze your stuffs in. :)
Will I Buy It: No

Title: Derma Genesis Cellular Youth Creating Day Cream
Rated: 3/5
Like: Feels a bit like gel, not too creamy.
Dislike: A bit sticky & my face kinda shine after a while.
Main Review: If you do follow my reviews, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of creams. I find most creams too rich for my liking and sometimes if I slather on a little more, my combi skin will protest with breakouts and some oil beads thingy? :( Not to mention that I hate the thick thick feeling on my face. Like a mask suffocating my skin like that. So, boy am I glad that this cream is actually more gel-cream than cream-cream. :) My face feels a tiny bit sticky-oily but it's not so bad that I feel it's dirty or something. And my nose looks kinda shiny which irritates me because I hate my fat nose. :(
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Quickly go grab the sample kit of the year before it goes OOS! :)


  1. So lucky always can get free samples. Really save up a lot money kan?

  2. Ya. If a product not good, I try liao, at least I wouldn't buy and waste money.

    So this website very good can let me try out everything then at least I know which one suit me before I buy.. :)

    Too bad currently only ship to Singapore..