Thursday, October 2, 2008

First "modelling assignment".

Couple of months back I went for my first modelling assignment.
While it was really fun, it's really tiring also loh.
I don't have all the photos yet, but I saw like 4 of the photos and I look a little unglam lah. :( with all the makeup melting and my "babyfats" poking out from everywhere. -.-

I felt like I've wasted my photographer's time. :(
Now I'm so scared that they can't sell their stuffs because of me. :(

Anyway, I'm only posting my favourite photo of the 4, cause I think that's the only photo that I look "see-able' in.

oh. and this is the only photo that my hair still look alright. The rest I look like I've got lion's mane. :(

I know by next year I'll be damn chio, cause I'll have my pretty long hair by then. lalalala~