Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm OOT. "Out Of Time".

Many times I tell myself there's no need to be jealous of her (insert name of anyone), sometimes I bear with all these anger until it takes over me completely and I'll say the bitchiest stuffs.

Hubby doesn't understand why am I like that.
Neither do I.

But what makes me even more angry is when hubby's unable to understand, makes him angry. So many times we've fight about the same bloody problem which I cannot tell the world about.. Sometimes I have no idea what's my blog for when I cannot even bitch a slight bit. :( Hubby can bitch to his friends. She can bitch to her friends. Me? I cannot even bitch to my friends lah. :(

Many times I feel like *(insert any abuse eg. shouting, slapping, kicking, splashing acid on, stabbing) that bitch. I know If I want to, I can sloop down so low that you can't even imagine. But I always hold back, not because I'm afraid of being put into jail or getting whatever punishment. In actual fact, I'm more worried that I'm becoming a bitch. I don't want to sloop so low. I don't want to bring myself down to a bitch's level or in my terms, the super bitch's level. lalalala~

How else can I release this irritating unwanted anger?
Sometimes retail therapy works, but even then, it's for a short while.
Remember someone once told me to list out 5 things that I'm happy doing.
I listed sleeping, eating, shopping, excising and talking to friends.

It's fool-proof.
If I have no money, then I can't shop.
If I scared of growing fat or no mood to eat, then I can't eat.
If I am feeling lazy, I wouldn't want to move my fat butt.
If all my friends are busy, then I have no one to talk to.
If I've got no time for all of the above or even sleep, why am I spending my precious time on being angry?

There's no reason why I should be upset for too long then.
Since I'm always "OOT".

PS: I'm feeling a lot better already, although I can do better with more sleep, more energy and more cash.. hee.. *wide grin*

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  1. Start a second blog... I have :)
    Not opened to public (only myself and invited people)..

    Ppl will wonder, what's she writing about!!!!